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Titanic Design is a 3D Printing Service That Helps Every Client Get the Parts They Need

We strive to be the experts in our field.

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What Makes Titanic Design Exceptional?

3D printed replica of a CFM56 Turbofan jet engine

Our CFM56 jet engine in our Headquarters. Download the design

Passion for Technology

We spend our time understanding and mastering 3D printing so that you can spend your time solving the problems that matter. When partnering with Titanic Design you are choosing to work with those passionate about additive manufacturing.

3D printed sign of the Titanic Design logo surronded by a 3d prined chain turned by 3d printed gears

Our office sign featured on Signs of the Times. The chain is also 3D printed

Years of Expertise

With experience in aerospace, medical devices, and consumer products our team brings the lessons learned in these fields to every project. We understand both the limitations and advantages of 3D printing. With this expertise we push the boundaries of what is possible with additive manufacturing to ensure your projects success.

Customer Focused

We focus on fostering customer relationships to fully understand what you need for a successful project. With this approach Titanic Design serves both clients who rely on additive manufacturing to those exploring what is possible with the  technology.

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Our Team

Titanic Design is run by a passionate team and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company was founded by Tom Price in 2016 driven from a frustration with the lack of large scale 3d Printing solutions.


Tom Price



Tyler Harrison



Maddie Kennedy

Social Media

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Will Page


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