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3D Printing for Artists

Titanic Design works with artists around the world to bring their projects to reality. Regardless of experience level in additive manufacturing. Dream bigger and see what we can do
3.5' pagoda model created from client pictures see more pictures
cathenge wide angle.jpeg
cat party 3 filter small.jpg

Cathenge - David Normal

Burning Man 2019

Part Size                   12.5' x 3' x 3'

Quantity                    7

Working with accomplished multi disciplinary artist David Normal Titanic Design created some of the largest 3D printed statues (and definitely largest 3D printed cats) in the world. We worked with David to optimize his sculptures for 3D printing allowing them to print with higher quality and less cost. We also worked to come up with an internal mounting system to provide space for electronics, sensors, and a central structural support all optimized for 3D printing. 7 cats produced total that went to the Playa.

vase family small.jpg

Parametric Vase Study

Vase study of a lofted sinusoidal wave in clear and carbon fiber nylon for customer.

statue small 1.jpg

Digital Sculpture Conversion

OTG detail small.jpg

Laser cut signage

Digital Modelers and Sculptors now have the ability to bring their digital creations to life in perfect accuracy and detail.

We offer laser cutting and other fabrication technologies for a variety of materials for pieces.

light fixture modeled up in solidworks.P


Various Projects

Proper illumination is an entire art to itself. Don't be afraid to shine. Whether you are making a light fixture, technical model, or work of art we understand the nuances of diffusion and proper lighting that can really make a project exceptional.

Getting started is easy!

Drop us a line and see how we can help make your next project a success!

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