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Technical Models

Relying on large scale 3D printing we take technical models to the next level. Using client CAD designs and modern printing techniques, our models provide accurate realistic designs enhanced with traditional modeling techniques
How It Works


Send us your idea or digital model. We will work with you to understand your use case and find the best solution for your part.



Our team of mechanical engineers and CAD designers will optimize your models for 3D printing.



We will work with you to handle the logistics of getting your parts to the show in time.

Featured Projects

groviv 1 big.jpg

Part Size     2.5' x 2.5' x 2'

Scale           1:20

Groviv Vertical Farming System

How do you show off a warehouse sized vertical farming solution at a trade show? With a technical model! Working with the Groviv engineering and marketing team, Titanic Design created this durable technical model. It features modules for UV LED lighting just like the real product. See more pictures

groviv 5 small.jpg
groviv 4 small.jpg
telescope 1.jpg

Phoenix Trailer Mounted Telescope

Part Size       8" x 6" x 8"

Scale             1:12

Active trailer mounted telescope with modern star tracking for small organizations. Our customer came with a partially completed 3D printable model. We worked with client and provided feedback as we worked together to create an optimized 3D printable model and also introduced articulation into the critical joints just like the real telescope. See more pictures.

HVAC 2 large.jpg
HVAC Final 1 small.jpg

Johnson Controls - Premier HVAC Unit


Part Size           14" x 5" x 3"

Scale                 1:32

Johnson Controls new Premier series of commercial HVAC units. Customer provided CAD data which was remodeled internally into a to scale hyper accurate model of their new units to be used for awards and trade shows. Features customer provided paint specifically for the HVAC units.

Monochromatic Models

3D printed directly from customer CAD these models offer easier and more affordable way for clients to acquire a technical model for various technical, production, or marketing activities.


University blended wing prototype for testing

fast boat small blacker.jpg
thermocar2 small bleached.jpg

24" Thermoform original pattern for RC car shell production

46" long racing boat model

Getting started is easy!

Drop us a line and see how we can help make your next project a success.

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