Bridge Manufacturing

Bridge the gap between first prototype and committing to tooling. With our fleet of 3D printers and knowledgeable staff making more parts is as easy as hitting print. For larger runs our team of engineers will work to optimize geometries for 3D printing improving quality and throughput.

Nail your next presentation

Turnaround can be the difference between success and  failure. We are experienced at handling rush orders and offer expedited services to make the impossible possible.

See how our large scale additive manufacturing capabilities helped Reliagaurd close the contract for helping rebuilding Paradise, CA with safer high voltage lines after the California fires.


No need for upfront investment in tooling. Pay for only the units you need now


No need to delay your launch date. Get you


Learn from your customers and leverage the flexibly of 3D printing to quickly iterate on your product.


Whether you are an expert or beginner our staff of mechanical engineers and CAD designers will ensure you get the part you want. This commitment to your success is why the majority of our customers are return customers.


Our passion for 3d printing drives us to learn more about the technology and its application. Our extensive portfolio of projects has taught us novel solutions and best practices across industries. We leverage this technical background to give you exactly what you need.


Coming from startup environments our employees know that innovation waits for no one. This is why we offer expedited services and have provided same day turn around. Your success is our success.

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