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Energizing Iteration 

North American utilities report that nearly 20 percent of all power outages are caused by wildlife contact with exposed energized contact points. Reliaguard was founded by linemen with a singular goal of protecting wildlife from these dangers. To this end they provide a range of guards and conductor covers that protect animals while enhancing reliable energy delivery. Their products are manufactured with a proprietary self-extinguishing no burn no drip polymer. These properties are incredibly important at preventing fire damage.


Since Reliaguard was founded by linemen they understand the unique challenges and demands presented in the power industry. Their equipment needs to:

  • Be installed without service interruption

  • Survive a range of harsh environmental conditions

  • Be reliable enough to last for years

They accomplish this by baking these requirements into their designs. Guards are not simple adhered by tape or zip ties but rather are designed to have hinges and locking mechanism. Furthering the prevention of forest fire making for quick error free installation. This is all made possible with by utilizing of the capabilities at Titanic Design to preform rapid prototyping and design iteration.

“Titanic Design works with us to understand the critical to function attributes of the part and provides recommendations to save us money and print faster and better.”

- Mark Jacobsen, Reliaguard VP of Business Development

Designing Life Saving Equipment With Rapid Prototyping


Once contacting Titanic Design, Reliagaurd was able to able to prototype parts that contained critical hard to print features with more accuracy and in less time than their in house large format 3d printer. Like many companies 3d printing expertise is not core to their business. Utilizing Titanic Design freed up their internal engineering team to focus on the problems that matter most.


Rebuilding Paradise

“Titanic Design has pulled a rabbit out of the hat and provided same day turnaround for critical parts”

- Mark Jacobsen, Reliaguard VP of Business Development

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