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Custom Signage

Standout with innovative signage from Titanic Design. Combining 3D Printing, laser cutting, and creativity Titanic Design helps make signs to remember

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Featured Projects:

laser buffalo small.jpg

Buffalo Address Signage

Measuring 60" across this incredibly detailed sign was laser cut from five layers of sign acrylic providing depth and character. Titanic Design worked with an existing design to modify and prepare it for manufacturing and laser cutting. Experimentation was required to allow for depth in the sign while still showing off the intricacy of the artwork from a broad viewing angle. 

laser buffalo detail 1 small.jpg
laser buffalo detail 2 small.jpg
tycho small.jpg

3D Printed Signs

Signage quickly printed with a variety of options for multiple purposes. Trade shows, displays, offices, etc.

3D printed sign of the Titanic Design logo surronded by a 3d prined chain turned by 3d printed gears

Our Logo - Titanic Design Galactic Headquarters

We 3D printed our own logo complete with internal LED lighting and a 3D printed chain for our headquarters. Features remote control lighting and auto reversing torque limited motor for safe continuous operation.

OTG grassy small.jpg

Off The Grid: E-ink Sandwich Board

Featuring a giant seamless E-ink display this sign was quickly designed and then fabricated for Off the Grid to use in their food truck events. This sign features a laser cut and stained wooden exterior with four carefully aligned laser cut wooden panels. 

OTG detail small.jpg
OTG scale small.jpg
OTG grass 2 small.jpg
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