Architectural & Custom Scale Models

  • We work directly with architects, owners, and individuals in a variety of software programs to deliver exceptional models.
  • Combining traditional model making and the latest 3D printing fabrication techniques we provide a portfolio of options for any need.

Residential Buildings

Site Models


Featured Project

Vallco Mall Redevelopment

Cupertino, CA

This large scale adjustable site model was modeled for a redevelopment meeting. Titanic Design worked with Opticos to turn their SketchUp models into hundreds of massing volumes. Reducing the build time and cost of the massing volumes by remodeling them into hollow forms.

Downtown Planing - Rohnert Park

3D printing helped this city work through code and zoning issues with an urban massing model. The physical model allowed for input from the community, and city council members. 3D printing enabled this client to save money & time with our efficient large scale 3D printers.

Hawaii Mixed Use Complex

Model of a 450 unit mixed use complex . This project was rapidly 3D printed from a primary architectural software, Revit, for a truly accurate model. Also featuring site specific colors and lighting. The model is over seven feet long.

Data Center - Current Development

This large 4' x 4' site model was built for an international data storage company. The model included high detail architectural elements and realistic landscape features to provide a comprehensive site model for presentation purposes.

Luxury Apartment Model

This architectural model was constructed with the coordination of building ownership and the architectural team. This complex model utilized 3D printing for complicated external features with traditional techniques for primary structure.

Private Residence - New England

This residential model was 3D printed for an architect's client meeting. 

Custom Scale Models

Titanic Design can produce a wide variety of custom 3D printed models. We provide free printability analysis on all digital models.

Build Volume:          1500 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Resolution:               <200 microns

Material:                    PLA

Available Services:

  • 2D to 3D conversion

  • 3D model repair

  • Hand Painting

  • Part Smoothing


Sub millimeter level accuracy even at large sizes offers unparalleled model accuracy.


Our model makers specialize in CAD for 3D painting and will help turn your idea, drawings or digital model into a reality. 


Making more models is as easy as printing a document. Allow remote meetings to have the same model, worry less about breaking it.

Fast and Easy Massing Models

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