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What file formats do we like?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Give us what you got and we will see how we can help you but if you are asking us what we prefer for the quickest and best value work these are our recommendations.

When simply 3D Printing an object and you already have he files .STL / .OBJ / .3MF Models must be "watertight" without manifold issues (self intersecting mesh geometry). Just because a software can export a file of this type does not mean the file itself can be 3D printed. Many software programs perform 3D modeling but few perform engineering grade CAD. The end result can be internal surfaces and mathematical errors which break 3D Printing Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software (aka "Slicers") Additional repair work may be needed in order to actually get the file to a point where it won't crash CAM software and we can review if it is even physically 3D printable. This is a problem in 3D printing that has been around since the 1980s with the advent of the .STL file format and its unfortunately not really going anywhere. The new .3MF file format is trying to address this but its maybe only used 5% of the time. We are happy to review any files and provide recommendations free of charge.

Architectural models and custom scale models .DWG / .OBJ / .pdf / .jpeg We work with virtually all Architecture CAD and 3D modeling programs with preference towards Revit & Rhino. Our team will work with you to get the exports we need if you are using a software package. Digital / preparation work is typically the largest cost in architecture models, high quality inputs allow us to provide you with better models. General Inquiries .pdf / .jpeg

General inquiries such as creating props, parts, consulting, etc.

If we are doing CAD work .STEP / .STP files Should your part files require some slight modifications or need to be broken up for better 3D printing we will sometimes ask for STEP files. For specific clients we will perform CAD work. However general CAD work is not typically offered or something we market due to the non competitive cost of our US based engineers.and the wide availability of off shored modeling and CAD services online.

Interested in what CAD software to use? See our recommendations here


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