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A Quiet Road to Production 

Learn how AirHush leveraged Titanic Design to iterate through dozens of designs before committing to tooling

“Titanic Design allowed us go go through dozens of iterations quickly to perfect our design before committing to tooling with turnaround of the 3D printed iterations in some cases same day”

- Jim Pilaar, AirHush CEO



Gear Turbo Fan Engine Replica

Gear Turbo Fan Engine Replica

Part Size                   3ft x 3ft x 7.5ft

Scale                         1:1

Turnaround Time     8 days 

Titanic Design 3D printed a replica of the worlds most efficient and largest geared turbo fan engine. Enabling Pratt & Whitney's to impressively communicate the advancements in their engine technology. With the combination of our 3D printing, foam fab technologies and off the self components. Titanic Design was able to deliver a lightweight high quality replica of the engine at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing. 



Mounts For Autonomy Sensors

Advancements in material science has opened 3D printing up to many applications outside of rapid prototyping. Titanic Design's large scale 3D printers are able to product durable life size parts with carbon fiber nylon. This approach has enabled Renovo Auto to be able to rapidly iterate on their platform while still being able to hold up to a high UV and temperature environment. 



Vallco Mall Redevelopment - Cupertino, CA

As part of a design charrette a redevelopment of Santa Rosa, CA. Titanic Design worked with Opticos to turn their SketchUp models into hundreds of massing volumes. Reducing the build time and cost of the massing volumes by remodeling them into hollow forms.


Consumer Products

Designing A New Pan

Titanic Design allowed Proclamation Goods rapidly iterate on their cookware design. Helping them get closer to making cookware that is as high-quality and responsibly sourced as the foods you choose to cook.


With Titanic Design's post processing the final iteration of the design achieved a surface quality smooth enough to be used as a master pattern in lost investment casting. 



Custom Braces

Titanic Design's large scale 3D printers allow for life size parts to be printed in one piece. Enable our customers to produce high quality parts while still leveraging 3D printing ability to create custom parts in complex geometries.

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