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The Quiet Road To Production

AirHush develops a unique transparent sound abatement solution using their novel Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology (ISAT). Their flag ship product breaks the mold of traditional sound abatment systems by no longer using expensive, invasive and permanent solutions. Rather AirHush has developed a transparent, modular, lightweight partition that can be used in many applications ranging from open concept offices to schools, exhibit halls, recording studios, home theaters, museums and even industrial work sites all seeking to reduce noise levels.


Getting their product in front of customers before production

“Titanic Design allowed us go go through dozens of iterations quickly to perfect our design before committing to tooling with turnaround of the 3D printed iterations in some cases same day”

- Jim Pilaar, AirHush CEO

Rapid Prototyping

Ck2YGRXXIAICa72.jpg large.jpg

From Prototypes to Production

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