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Anatomy of a custom model quote

When customers look for quotes on architectural models or custom scale models these are the base question we ask to understand the project and prepare a quote. While conversations or messages can be initiated with just a sentence it helps to start thinking about this information and it helps to make sure you get what you wanted. The more you can tell us what the model is for and what your goals are then the better we can serve you.

What is the desired model size or desired scale of the custom model?

- Given our heavy use of advanced fabrication technologies we can accommodate virtually any scale or size requirements a customer may have

- We can even do non linear scaling requirements such as enhanced Z height on topography maps for exaggerating depth.

- On higher detail models it is strongly recommended to stick to common model or architectural scales. This makes the sourcing of existing commercial off the shelf (COTS) model accessories possible which makes these accessories much cheaper.

- We provide guidance on common scales as we understand more about your project

Any technical documents that would be relevant. Original Engineering CAD? 3D Model files? 2D Drawings? Pictures / Renders?

- This is dependent upon model but any files relevant to our work would be useful.

- Relevant CAD data, plans, renders, pictures, etc are all useful.

- In general the more information you can provide us with the better.

- For architectural models and custom scale models that just need to show and exterior surfaces we don't need any internal walls / mechanisms / or other data.

- We can also extrapolate and fill in the blanks when needed such as when we made these 3.5 ft tall pagodas from a handful of various pictures.

- If you have an architechural/engineering CAD software we can work with you to export it into the most useful formats for starting our work. If you are new to 3D modeling / CAD see our article on file formats most useful for our work.

Any specific timeline?

Fast high quality projects are possible but they require close coordination with clients and cost more. See this site model for a futuristic middle eastern city which was made in 10 days.

What level of detail / style are you looking for?

- Are you looking for a rougher massing model / shadow study / near net shape?

- Are you looking for something more mid range showing design and features?

- Or perhaps hyper realism?

- Each level requires a different approach.

- You can send us a reference picture of a model project from our website or anywhere you like. This provides a base for conversation.

Any key features?

- Does it need to light up?

- A specific color match?

- Moving parts?

- Are we making multiple copies?

- Do we need to forensically match the trees and foliage?

The more information we can understand regarding your project the better we can serve you a tailor a solution to your needs. If you are ready then reach out to us on our contact page!


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