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Villa Rio - Luxury Apartment Model

Model Scale - 1:64

Titanic Design just completed one of our more detailed large scale architectural models for a company in the Austin, Texas. We worked directly with the development team and architectural staff to build a massive 32" x 51" model of this luxury apartment complex. The model stands 3 1/2 feet tall. It includes an operational lighting switch for internal lights, 3D printed articulated facade panels, a rooftop pool design that glows from within, and a high detail residential building model.

The client wanted a high detail model that showed the entirety of their new design for an upcoming construction project. Our team here at Titanic worked diligently to 3D print the complicated facade panels and construct a highly accurate model of the design. The residential building at the corner of the development is a historical southern house. We modeled this structure and 3D printed so the building would accurately demonstrate the innate detail and quality of this structure.

Historical Residence (Computer modeled & 3D printed)

One of the key elements of the design that we wanted to highlight was the rooftop pool deck. We worked directly with the developer and pool engineer to provide an accurate model design of the current pool design. The pool was constructed using both traditional modeling techniques and 3D printed elements to provide a high detail design that glows from the interior lighting

Rooftop Pool Design:

Integrating a rooftop pool design was a major element of this model. The objective was to to replicate the ADA ramp, the pool details, and seating that was planned by design team. Using 3D printed detail elements, laser cut pool components, and scale people we were able to replicate this design with a pool model that glows when the building is lit. This provides an attractive & compelling marketing component for the development team.

Integrated Lighting Design:

We wanted to create a unique way of integrating a user friendly lighting design. We made the entire 3D printable house removable. Below the house, inset inside the base, is the light switch and dimmer. This allows for a very sleek and presentable base. The client's intentions were to mount the model on a rotating base that would spin 360 degrees.


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