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Announcing Carbon Fiber Nylon!

As part of our continued research and development in large scale 3D printing we work hard to stay informed on various advancements in 3D printing. Identifying, testing, and validating new materials as they become available allowing us to expand our improved offerings.

In our testing a simple support beam weighing less than a pound was able to take over 240 lbs!

After working hard on understanding the mechanics, printability and limitations we are proud to announce one of the highest strength performance materials we have ever tested! Announcing Carbon Fiber filled Nylon! Carbon Fiber Nylon offers unparalleled strength, temperature resistance, and rigidity. It can be used in ultra large scale 3D printing applications requiring the very limits of what is possible in additive manufacturing with:

  • Increased part strength

  • Increased part stiffness

  • Increased operational temperature

We are happy to now offer Carbon Fiber Nylon as part of our general printing materials and look forward to what you will print with it!

Drop us a line at to learn more.


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