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Updated: May 4, 2020

One of the primary issues we witnessed around the country was providing adequate protection for healthcare workers during the current pandemic.

Our nation's manufacturing capabilities were not meeting demand. We felt an obligation to help out and see if we could manufacture affordable PPE. Most face shields are designed to be disposable. We

felt like there was a need for reusable PPE as it would help reduce a hospitals reliance on supply chain for disposable face shields.

We worked directly with bay area hospitals, local infectious disease experts at UCSF and Stanford doctors to help develop a hard surface, cleanable/reusable face shield.

Titanic Design is currently making two products:



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Titanic Design's Covid-19 Face Shield is a hard plastic & entirely synthetic model that could be soaked in bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or other cleaning agents to kill virus load. The hard plastic helps keeps the user safer & still allows for easy cleaning.

In speaking with many local doctors and nurses, reliable face shields were difficult to source and keep hospital staff supplied. We designed an option for hospitals & staff that were having difficulty meeting their safety needs using disposable PPE.

Adjustable Knob Assembly

Watch the video below for a step by step process in how to easily adjust, refit or add a replacement knob.

Mask Ear Saver

Many health care workers are now having to wear masks for their entire shifts in the hospital. This can often lead to bruising, discomfort, and painful chaffing. We are also producing low cost ear savers made from flexible acrylic. This places the pressure of the mask strings on the plastic tool rather than on the edges of your ears.

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