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Home Base: The guide for choosing a base for your scale model

Based on our experience most bases basically fall into one of several basic groups. Some models such as topographic projects or high detail site plans almost always require some form of foundation while. Other projects can get away without them. Here are several examples below:

No base.

A lot of our models don't necessarily need bases. Many buildings or small technical models are simply provided as is keeping costs low. For some massing studies or shadow studies in urban planning or master planning a customer will forgo a base to keep prices lower or aid in portability.

Simple Base

Some customers are planning on building their own pedestals or simply don't need a nicer base. In these cases a model will be mounted to a simple base sometimes a simple piece of tempered hardboard. Based on model sizes, mass, or other factors the underside of these bases may be shored up with additional support to maintain integrity and rigidity needed for the model.

Presentation Base

A stylish and quality base typically used for presentation models, used at trade shows, and for more stylized design or artistic pieces. Many options available including high gloss and custom or color matched colors.

Stained wood base

For a classic refined look. Typically reserved for awards or other show pieces though also found in sales and tradeshow models. Our in house carpentry shop offers numerous options including various edge profiles or stain options. Crafted from solid wood and stained with multiple poly coats these bases are intended to last.

Presentation Structural base:

Usually for large projects. These bases are crafted in our carpentry shop and are durable, lightweight, and provide a foundation for large or heavy models. In some instances (very large structures) these may be required. Our nicest standard offering with many options available.


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