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Ideas For a Successful Trade Show

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Trade shows are a battle for eyes and attention. Food, drinks, swag, cheerleaders are all an attempt to funnel more eyes towards an already elaborate booth. In preparing for your next trade show you should be looking for ways to separate your self from the rest. Large scale 3D printing you can create truly customizable props and giveaways, especially if your primary product is incredibly large or expensive.

Replica of the Pratt & Whitney geared turbo fan engine at a trade show

Don't Fear Going Big!

Large scale 3D printing is a cost effective way of creating huge product replicas. Titanic Design was able to create an eye catching life size replica of their latest engine. Over 7 foot tall! And only weighing 30 pounds allowed the replica to easily be transported and install in their booth. Not only did this replica draw a crowd it also enabled Pratt & Whitney to communicate the advancements in their engine technology.

A yellow saw blade with a smily face from far cry hanging on a wall

Create a Giveaway With High Perceived Value

For Ubisoft creating a replica of the most powerful weapon in Far Cry New Dawn allowed them to capitalize on its desire. Just as in the game people sought after this replica. With 3D printing by Titanic Design these replicas were able to be made in time for the games launch with only a few days notice.

A women standing next to the aubot robot replicas at a trade show

Bring Your Product to Life

Using 3D product replicas Aubot was able to show off their product even before having their production versions completed. 3D printing allowed for fast and affordable replicas to be made.

A gold model home with the Titanic Design logo in a pile of similar blue, grey, and white model homes

Brand Everything

Here at Titanic Design 3D printing allows us to cost effectively create unique branded San Fransisco model homes. These giveaways effortless differentiate them selves from the pens and stress balls while still carrying our brand.

The Titanic Desing logo stuck in the sand at a beach with a wave crashing behind it

Make Your Logo Pop Into The 3rd Dimension

3D printing allows you to easily create a sign with more depth allowing you to capture attention. Letting your brand truly stand out.

Looking for more ideas checkout our website or contact us to talk with one of our designers.


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