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The Beginning

The time is now. The place is here. Welcome to Titanic Design’s first ever blog post! After over a year in business, we add this blog to showcase our internal technical projects as well as collaborations with other companies that utilize 3D printing. This blog will show firsthand views of the technical challenges, headaches, and victories we face as we print our way into the future.

What is Titanic Design?

We are a San Francisco/Bay area based 3D printing company specializing in rapid prototyping and large scale designs. We assist in CAD design and all the troubleshooting that goes along with creating innovative products from scratch.

Dream bigger! With build envelopes up to 1.2mx1mx0.7m Titanic Design is able to offer some of the best and biggest printers to produce high quality, accurate, single piece parts that simply cannot be made easily with other equipment. What can you make and fit in over a cubic meter of build volume?

A 3D printer adding infill to a grey by pass fan replica

Why Titanic Design?

One part or one thousand, you can design and order with confidence. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff offer technical analysis and printing feasibility on every part to make sure the parts you wanted are the parts you actually get. Mechanical engineers and CAD designers with Solidworks on staff to ensure we can provide solutions to meet your needs. From fit checks and show pieces to functional prototypes and production parts across industries, we can solve problems others can't.

Our goal is to provide the tools to transform concepts into physical pieces. We are printing new possibilities across sectors that traditionally have been unable to access high quality additive manufacturing.

A close up of a 3D printed multi colored planetary gearset

Printing The Future

We want to help you bring your dreams to life, whether it be a new design for space-walk helmets or a custom designed gauntlets for your next cosplay. Our imaginations are as big as yours; if you want something crazy, we will do everything to make that crazy a reality.

Our company is trusted by businesses across various industries and around the world!

A few of our clients include: Applied Materials, Oregon State University, USGS, Tesla, Airhush, Omnicell, and Koning.

As the 3D printing world continues to become vast and complex sea of options, Titanic Design is the iceberg that you want to crash on. We won’t let your dreams sink!


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