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Top 5 Advantages 3D Printing Your Architectural Models

Physical models are a great way to communicate with your client or colleague. 3D printing allows you to create these models cheaper than ever before. Allowing for clearer communication and quicker iterations in design.

Hand giving a thumbs up next to a grey model house on a 3d printer bed

On-Demand Services Take The Work Out of Modeling

Turning 2D sketches or digital models (Revit, SketchUp or AutoCAD) into something that can be 3D printed is often a challenging task. However, with using an on-demand service like Titanic Design this process can be done faster and better than ever. Allowing you to spend more time on what you do best.

7 Edwardian model homes of various sizes in a row

Easy To Duplicate

3D printing allows you to print models at any size and quantity. Making it easy to make one model for the client and one for internal collaboration.

Single floor plan model and multiple different  roof styles on the bed of a 3D printer
One of Titanic Design's customers using a model to get client feedback on desired roof style

Easy To Make Changes

3D printing low cost models means there is no need to freeze your designs before committing to a model making. Enabling clear communication with realistic parts earlier in the design process.

A 3d printer printing a seemingly infinite number of brown massing models

3D Printed models take less time

Everyone is happier when a project is ahead of schedule. With 3D printing models can be produced in hours instead of weeks or months. With the digital model in hand Titanic Design has been able to get our customers their physical model in the same day it was requested.

2 Transparent spiraling wavy vases in a bambo forest

Easy To Create Complex Geometries

3D printing can accurately reproduce curves and non square surfaces that might be difficult to reproduce in wood or card stock

To learn more about the advantages 3D printing architectural models checkout our website or contact us.


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